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If we’ve connected through Zillow, odds are you aren’t working with a real estate agent yet. We use Zillow Premier Agent to connect with buyers and sellers using the Zillow app. If you’ve connected with us via Zillow please read some FAQs below.

How much does a buyers' agent cost?

Nothing, our commission is paid at close as percentage of the seller’s net proceeds. Some agents will choose to levy a flat fee or percentage fee within a certain time frame, whether or not you purchase a home with them within that time frame.

Why not work with a team of FREE buyers agent who will keep your best interests in mind and keep you informed throughout the home buying process?

What is the Role of A Buyer's Broker?

There is a broker’s administration fee for providing the paperwork, software, and legal expertise needed throughout the process. This money is paid to the broker, not the agent.

All brokerages will charge an administrative fee of some kind, regardless who the agent is. This fee typically ranges between $350 – $1000. Our brokerage, Edina Realty, charges a flat $520 administration fee due at the close of any sale.

Ask Anything!

Not ready to sell, but have questions about the process? Curious if a property is a good investment? We’re happy to answer any and all questions you might have!